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    Thread: EGR test and camshaft inspection

    1. 10-07-2019 03:12 PM #1
      Hi all,
      I am attempting to fix a 'poor running' condition on my 2004 Jetta with the BEW code diesel. It started with a P0101 code so I replaced the MAF sensor but now realize that was probably not necessary. The car is stuttering on acceleration, won't reach full RPM's and is smoking a lot more that usual and the mileage has gone for a crap. I know the camshafts are a common issue on these engines so I have the valve cover off to inspect it. The problem is this is the first tdi cam I've looked at so I'm not entirely sure what I should see. I know the stock cams have a chamfer that you can use as in indicator of wear. When I look at the cam in the car there does not appear to be a chamfer on the lobes at all, anywhere on the lobe. Is it usual for the chamfer to disappear around the entire lobe or just on the pointy part? I'm wondering if there is already an aftermarket cam in the car because I bought it with 280,000k and it now has 310,000k. The edge of the cam is sharp, particularly at the pointy end. So my question is, how do I definitively diagnose the cam? Does it need to be removed and measured? Is it advisable to remove it so I can inspect the lifters as well? I assume it is but thought there might be a way around it so I don't have to buy new bolts if it's all good in there.

      My second question is around the EGR. I removed it to make getting the valve cover off easier and found that it was completely clogged with soot. I have cleaned it thoroughly, and the intake area around the anti-shudder valve. The other areas of the intake that I can see look not too bad. I'm wondering how I can test the EGR valve. Can I plug it in and turn on the key and see what happens? Can I jump the pins on the plug? I assume one of them is a ground and one is probably power and the valve should do something if I jump them, but I have no idea which pin is which and don't want to fry it. I see the pins are numbered but have not been able to find out which number is what.

      Those are all my questions for now. I'm sure I'll have more. Thanks in advance if you have any suggestions.

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    3. 10-07-2019 03:20 PM #2
      Bruce, a lot of your questions I can’t answer directly, I would recommend looking at my turbo diesel and check out the wiki pages there. There is a cam inspection page and put your questions there as well as here.

      I hope this helps you in some way. Also invest in the manual from Factory-manuals as well. I did when I got my BEW powered golf and it has been well worth it.

      Good luck

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