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    Thread: My passat is on 18psi tune but is running at 15

    1. 10-08-2019 11:43 PM #1
      Hey guys, so a while back I bought a 18psi stage 1+ tune from Unitronic for my 2003 1.8t passat. I definitely felt the power then but my car felt a little weaker about a month later. It wasn't till I bought a boost guage that I found out I wasn't running 18 but around 15psi. I checked for boost leaks got a upgraded diverder valve, and it didn't really make any difference. I started hitting 18psi again when I reset the ecu by disconnecting the battery but then it went back down. Could it be in limp mode? Any specific sensors I should check? Much appreciated!

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      10-11-2019 07:49 PM #2
      You need to check requested boost vs actual, which would require VCDS scan tool (or similar).
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