Hey, guys, new to forum. Purchased a 2014 Passat TSI last August and its been a great car. Couple months ago started losing coolant. Not much. Have to top it off every couple weeks. Couldn't see where it was leaking. Sun night I was driving from Dallas to Austin and the engine just sounded different. Cant describe any particular noise. Just sounded different. Pulled over to eat and when I came out I checked the oil and it was 1/2 quart low. Coolant was full but I didn't open it to check. Added 1/2 quart and she ran fine. Then the EDC light came on, but only for a little while. DLR light also came on though both DLR lights are working. This led me to believe that water leaks I had were causing an electrical issue with connections or something. Monday night I got off work and popped the hood and saw quite a bit of oil around the coolant reservoir and on back of engine. Checked oil. Bout 1/2 quart low. Topped it off. Ran fine. Figured the valve cover gasket was leaking or the seal around the PCV. Still didn't think to open coolant reservoir and check. After work Wednesday I topped it off again (3/4 quart) and ran into town to get the stuff for an oil change and to clean the engine so I could see where the leak was coming from. Bout 7 miles from the house the ac started blowing warm. Looked at the temp gauge and it was buried. Then it immediately dropped to zero and the coolant light began flashing. Still no check engine light. Limped home and the coolant reservoir was full of sludge. Thought I blew the head gasket. Car starts and runs rough, but it runs. Registering oil on the dipstick and a buddy came with a temp gun and said the heads were reading 190 degrees at idle. Throwing codes P0341 for Cam Positioning Sensor and P0117 for coolant temp. Any thoughts?