VWVortex.com - Did not like how new pads preformed, I want more gradual braking. Is this possible?
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    Thread: Did not like how new pads preformed, I want more gradual braking. Is this possible?

    1. 10-10-2019 03:01 PM #1
      So TLDR i got a used '16 jetta from a dealership here and im pretty sure they did the pads while they had it. My first 2 cars were early 90s firebirds and im used to their terrible braking capabilities. As a matter of fact, all my cars were old with bad braking capabilities. The newest one i had was a 2001 celica. This jetta was the exact opposite when i got it, just thinking about touching the brake would cause an annoying nosedive and i would lose speed very quickly. I get that that is the point of brakes, but i want something more gradual. For example, in my firebirds i could maneuver the vehicle while using the brakes to slow down (like if im backing into a parking spot) whereas with this jetta it was stop and go. It didnt seem possible to slowly brake, it was either in motion and the brakes were not engaged, or coming to an immediate and annoyingly sudden stop because i was trying to slow down and not run over the concrete stopper. I couldnt even back in/pull in to parking spots with it, i would stop, give a bit of gas, stop, gas, etc. Its incredibly annoying, but my pads are really bad now (they started squeaking like 2 months ago) and need to be replaced but i dont want to go back to that stop and go BS. Is there any way to make the braking power more gradual? Id thought of downgrading from ceramic pads but i dont think that would fix my issue.

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    3. 10-10-2019 04:43 PM #2
      I've also noticed vw likes "grabby" brake pads. Ive used GLOC pads with some success for a bit less initial bite. The autocross versions ahould handle anything you throw at them except extended track time.

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    4. 10-10-2019 11:01 PM #3
      Quote Originally Posted by rex n effect View Post
      The autocross versions should handle anything you throw at them except extended track time.
      It's only got the 1.4l engine in it so anything more than some quick acceleration on the mile or so drive to/from work every day is out of the question for now. That engine is just useless for anything but cruising unless its at 2k+ rpms with the turbo already spooled and providing decent boost. What g-loc pads did you use? Im looking at their site and everything says "increased initial bite" "super increased initial bite" "AMAZING INITIAL BITE FORCE!!!". Even the lowest tier one, the GS-1, lists increased initial bite force as one of its selling points. Also, any chance youve tried wagner pads? Or any other pads easily obtainable through auto parts stores? Im currently working for one and IIRC we only have wagner and brake best pads available. I would really prefer to get my pads at roughly half off list price thanks to my discount but this is a really big annoyance so if thats not possible then oh well. G-loc seems like a nice fit, excluding that "initial bite force" part

      EDIT: What year/"mark" VW vehicle do you have? I looked more into g-loc's site and their compatibility list only goes up to 2014 jettas with the old 2.0's and 2.5's. In 2016 they did a facelift and update iirc, adding the turbo to all available engines. Its not like that really changes much though; brake pads are brake pads.
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    6. 10-16-2019 08:57 AM #4
      Ive a MK7
      Also similar to GLOC are carbotech

      The other thing I did was lighten up the "brake assist" features in VCDS / VAG-COM

      That makes braking more progressive especially when braking quickly.

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