VWVortex.com - EV's outsold manual transmission vehicles last quarter in the U.S.
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    Thread: EV's outsold manual transmission vehicles last quarter in the U.S.

    1. Member caj1's Avatar
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      Feb 16th, 1999
      Washington, DC
      2013 Audi TT RS; 2008 Audi TT 3.2 VR6
      11-08-2019 11:42 PM #26
      I love my manual TT RS, but long for how much faster it would be with a DSG..
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    3. Member Dirty Hatch's Avatar
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      Jun 16th, 2006
      06 4runner
      11-09-2019 10:34 AM #27
      I have been driving an auto suv for almost 10 years and I hate it. I am hoping to replace it with a manual Jeep next year. It’s sad to think being a new manual car many not be an option soon.

    4. 11-09-2019 11:21 AM #28
      Quote Originally Posted by ohiodub_99.5 View Post
      I'm ready to get rid of my JCW MINI (6mt) for an i3.... makes more sense for me and my driving needs... aka: traffic/urban driving/short commute.
      Do it - I am 6 months into my experiment, and I am really happy I made the change! I recently carried some old waste oil from my Focus ST (in the back of my Fiat) to the dump, and reflected on how 1900's that felt!

      I still enjoy the analog feel of my manual transmission MR2 Spyder, but it is now more of an occasion. I certainly don't miss commuting with an ICE car.
      2000 Toyota MR2 Spyder, Absolutely Red/Black, 5spd
      2005 Acura TSX, Carbon Grey Pearl/Quartz, Sportshift
      2013 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, White Platinum Metallic Tri-Coat/Light Dune, Reserve +Technology
      2016 Fiat 500e, Electric Orange Tri-Coat Pearl/Black - I live life 84 miles at a time!

    5. n00b
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      Nov 8th, 2019
      VW: A1s: 2 Jettas, 2 Rabbits, 1981 Scirocco (current), A2: Jetta
      11-09-2019 01:48 PM #29
      Quote Originally Posted by syntrix View Post
      Manu's phase out MT's, people that want MT's can't find MT's. That was my case on the last 2 cars I bought, had to go auto.
      ...Or drive older cars. Also, "book value" on 7+YO cars has been wrong for transmission type for over 10 years. Where you can find a clean MT, it always sells. No way to know, but I bet MT cars also get 30-100% more miles on them before seeing the scrapyard. Even 20 years ago, it was rare to find an MT(when offered) on a lot other than at VW and for high-end sport cars, influencing choice. Order and wait, or get that 5000 dealer incentive now? Which trans option is truly cheaper then?

    6. Member worth_fixing's Avatar
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      Dec 23rd, 2009
      Montreal, Qc
      2014 Mazda3 Sport GS - 1982 Honda CB750K
      11-09-2019 02:07 PM #30
      Quote Originally Posted by caj1 View Post
      I love my manual TT RS, but long for how much faster it would be with a DSG..
      really? why?
      Any car which holds together for a whole race is too heavy.

    7. Member dr_spock's Avatar
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      Feb 16th, 1999
      1998 New Beetle
      11-09-2019 09:44 PM #31
      I replaced my 1998 5-speed manual with a 2019 6-speed manual. I had to factory order and wait 4 months. Not much changed since I had to factory order and wait back in 1998 too. There seems to be waiting involved. Not easy for the want it now.

    8. Member lcubed's Avatar
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      Mar 4th, 2015
      2016 LSG R 6MT/DCC/NAV
      11-09-2019 11:11 PM #32
      Quote Originally Posted by Goingnowherefast View Post
      The executives are literally telling us why they don't sell them. People stopped buying them when it was an option, so the started phasing them out. It's economics 101.

      You don't think OEM's would prefer to sell manuals? From an engineering standpoint not only are they way easier and cheaper to manufacture, but they don't require any calibration. In contrast, automatic transmission calibration is just as large as powertrain calibration these days and adds up to thousands and thousands of development hours per application.

      Exactly. I'm in the same boat, since some of the best driving vehicles in the world are still sold in manual so I can't complain.
      given the sales model here in the united states, since dealers can sell a automatic to a stick driver, but not a stick to an
      automatic driver, it makes sense to stock automatics only.

      in other countries, where ordering a vehicle (vs being stuck with onhand dealer inventory), the uptake for manuals is much higher.

      also, in other countries (such as the UK), the driving test is done on a stick.

    9. Junior Member Asleep's Avatar
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      Jun 25th, 2006
      11-10-2019 12:24 AM #33
      So I guess we hold onto our manual transmission vehicles for dear life and pray there are always parts when we need...

      EDIT: Also, I think manuals make me a better driver and help with traffic. I pay more attention to how my car is reacting to the environment and have often absorbed some of those dreadful stops in stop-and-go traffic by just coasting. Leaving space works, I don't wear out my brakes as quickly (regenerative braking is cool, tbh), and I love the control of the revs and throw of the shifter. I've driven stupidly fast cars (DSG, etc.) and quick electric cars, but even in traffic I enjoy my manual. When my next car is up it's likely going to have at least 6 gears that I go through myself.
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    10. Member
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      Oct 18th, 2017
      2012 Cayman, 2018 Alltrack
      11-10-2019 08:26 AM #34
      Quote Originally Posted by Asleep View Post
      So I guess we hold onto our manual transmission vehicles for dear life and pray there are always parts when we need...

      EDIT: Also, I think manuals make me a better driver and help with traffic. I pay more attention to how my car is reacting to the environment...

      Could not agree more. Millions of people wouldn't be watching TikTok while "driving" if they had to do things with all of their appendages to get to wherever they are going. In a work meeting we were asked to introduce ourselves and give one unpopular opinion we had, mine was that automatics should be banned for safety reasons.

      My own recent personal anecdote is that my manual Alltrack was in for repair (to the manual gear box! 3 burnt bearings) and I was in a loaner Tiguan. The thing was so boring to drive it put me into zombie mode, said zombie mode had me cruise through a photo radar school zone 14kph over and got a $280 ticket. If I was in a manual I'm sure the second gear change would have alerted me to the fact that I was accelerating too much in front of the photo radar box.

    11. Member
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      Feb 10th, 2003
      Lodi, CA
      2016 Golf R
      11-10-2019 11:45 AM #35
      Wow photo radar! Merican lawyers would have a field day with that!

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    12. Member
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      Oct 22nd, 2007
      Syracuse, NY
      982, F22, E88, etc.
      11-10-2019 12:58 PM #36
      Quote Originally Posted by worth_fixing View Post
      really? why?
      The faster the car is, the bigger the percentage of 0-60 that you're losing to shifts. I mean, a DSG TT-RS basically matches a 6MT Carrera GT to 60.

      This is one of the reasons I think that, say, 20-30 years from now, the Miata will be the last car with a 6MT--you lose a minimal percentage of acceleration for a maximum amount of fun, and the clutch can be light enough not to kill your leg.

    13. 11-12-2019 12:27 PM #37
      My 19 year old son bought a 2013 FRS manual earlier this year and is enjoying it. My daughter just finish her written drivers test and I will be teaching her in my manual Mazda3 this coming weekend. Her friends are envious that she will be able to drive a manual car. All 3 of my children will likely buy a used manual car as their first vehicle and they cannot understand why most people buy autos. Unfortunately by the time they can afford a new car Manuals will no longer be an option.

      Winter driving is so much more enjoying with a manual as you can ensure you have the appropriate torque for the situation. This morning's drive was a reminding of this as I constantly used the engine to do most of my braking and didn't have to be concerned with any slippage. That is likely why manuals are still more popular in Canada.

    14. Member smoothsix's Avatar
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      Jun 19th, 2001
      San Francisco Peninsula
      Clownshoe, x5 3.5d, Tesla 3
      11-12-2019 06:35 PM #38
      Can confirm, sold a 2016 6MT Golf R for a Model 3

      The only 2 new cars I've ever bought, so no ****-talking about how us MT sackriders never buy MTs new

      TBH owning an EV just makes me hate automatics even more. They just seem so silly. An in-between era hack like the hybrid. Give me a manual or give me an EV. Nothing in between!
      Dash cam people suck. Don't be a dash cam person.

      Quote Originally Posted by Dravenport View Post
      this thread is a mess, I can't tell if it's full of trolls or idiots and I'm not sure it matters

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