Hi all, new to the forum world.
Just wanted some help from you guys, I Never really had a Volkswagen except from my current car which is a Audi A3 Tdi 2012

I was thinking of buying the Golf R very soon, but stuck in a dilemma.
Should I buy a used Golf R? - my target is to go for the 2016-2018 model DSG upto 30k-40k miles on the clock and keeping it for around 3 years
The R being the mileage it is, what should I look out for maintenance wise, around that mileage would there be any replacements or leaks or problems or any issues that’ll occur or even the necessary things to that are required to change by certain miles

I’ve had my fair share of issues with my Audi and would really need a golf r that’s reliable giving me no issues that’ll cost me a fortune.

What would be your opinion on buying a used Golf R for that mileage? Or should I play it safe and buy a brand new one?

Thanks everyone 🙂