034Motorsport's Black Friday Sale is here! This is our hottest sale of the year, and all of our most popular products are available at special prices - just in time for the holidays!

Sale Pricing Available 11/25/2019 - 12/6/2019

Our best-selling upgrades for classic Audi I5 models can be found in the links below, or head over to our website to browse upgrades by vehicle.

Motor Mount, Density Line, Audi I5, C4 UrS4/UrS6, B3 80/90/Coupe Quattro, 4000/5000, 100/200

Transmission Mount, Density Line, C4 Audi 100/A6 & UrS4/UrS6

Silicone Intercooler Hose Set, C4 Audi S4/S6, AAN UrS4/UrS6

034Motorsport C4 Audi UrS4/UrS6 & S2/RS2 I5 20VT AAN/ABY/ADU Coil Pack Update Harness for 2.0T FSI Coils

012/016/01E Short Shift Kit, Audi 4000/5000/200 Quattro, UrQuattro, C4 Audi UrS4/UrS6

Throttle Cam, Steel, Audi I5 20v, 3B & AAN

Upgraded Audi I5 10V/20V Turbo Replacement External Wastegate Diaphragm - 035145797B

Intake Manifold Spacer, Phenolic, I5 20v