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    Thread: Stepping up to the 3.6 challange

    1. 11-30-2019 11:57 PM #1
      So my 87 GTI 16V has been sitting with a 2L old skool Momentum turbo kit that I never finished. Seeing you guys doing these swaps got me thinking about $/hp and plumbing and tweaking vs 300hp mostly stock, mostly bolts in solutions. Shazam I scored a 55k mile CC 4motion complete car as my donor platform. My contribution to Black Friday on Coparts live auction platform.

      Thus far I am sitting on

      1 low mile 02A CCM
      1 .75 TDI 5th gear
      1 MK4 shifter, cables, shift tower setup, destined for the Polo shifter solution, etc
      A good clutch

      Complete Fabless Manufacturing MK2 VR solution which moves engine more to the center. Includes axles. Its all deluxe, real nice.
      The mounts are currently in a little shop Oregon where a perfect Mk2 3.6 downpipe is being created.
      Car is still under 100K miles, Bilstein + H&R, G-60 brakes

      Plans are something like

      S&P Radiator
      Keep the car and Engine on their individual fuse boxes and wiring
      Close up the power rack and go manual, or I do have an actual MK2 manual rack.
      Passat B4 TDI pedals for hydraulic clutch, perhaps the throttle pedal as well.
      Working AC
      Keep MK2 260 speedo and tach
      go with the Cayenne intake to get on the other side.

      What about o2 sensors?
      There is no Bentley Manual for a B7 Passat. I downloaded a wiring scheme. Where, in the enlightened world, can I get Bentley level documentation?
      Will the oil pan be low?
      Any suggestions welcome.
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    3. Geriatric Member need_a_VR6's Avatar
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      12-01-2019 08:41 AM #2
      Oil pan is higher than a 12v. The wiring good luck, I took the easy way out.
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    4. Member nycdub2's Avatar
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      12-01-2019 03:52 PM #3
      B3/B4 VR6 pedals are also hydraulic clutch. You picked up a donor CC, NMS Passat here the states is wired differently so better bet would to use wiring diagrams from 2012+ CC, and there is no Bentley and ELSA will help you way better.
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    6. Member jddaigle's Avatar
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      12-02-2019 07:47 PM #4
      Sounds like you are well on your way!

      The CC is actually the B6/PQ46 platform, though it did get some cluster and infotainment updates through the years. But the engine management will be the same as it was on a 2006 Passat.

      There isn't really a one-stop resource like Bentley for them or the 3.6 unfortunately. Have you seen these wiring diagrams? https://www.dropbox.com/s/c2knfvyz2d...agram.pdf?dl=0

      There is also this site which has shop manuals, some in Russian and some in English: http://vwts.ru/

      And there's this site as well: https://workshop-manuals.com/volkswagen/
      - Jeff
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    7. 12-02-2019 08:26 PM #5
      Thanks so much for the electrics.
      The donor carcass is arriving within the hour

    8. Today 12:36 AM #6
      I been diggin on the donor. Man, really nice car and the best built, most integrated design of any VW I have gutted. I have sold the gauge cluster and the rear brakes already. I have looked at some dyno outputs and see why there are really no aftermarket power adders. These things make peak power at 6400 which is right with a well ported 1.8/2.0 16V head with a 276 cam. Its a real heavy breather right out of the box. Thanks for all the 411

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