Hi Guys.
so im new here, firstly thanks for allowing me into the family.

Here's my story.
I have a 2004 Audi A4 1.9TDI engine code AVF. about 3 months ago I had driven the car home with no issues as always, parked it off and drove with the wife's car the following day. the day thereafter, I had jumped into my car to go to the shop to find that the car would not start, it swings, however, does not start at all, I eventually drained the battery after about 15 minutes trying to get the car to start with no luck. I could still do about 50Km with the diesel in the tank. I can mention that I have not had any engine problems and it would normally start with no issues at all. I have since not been able to get the car to start. so I post the following items (randomly listed) that I have already tried to share my frustration.

1. Removed Fuel line by the filter feeding to the engine, switched on the ignition and fuel came out for about 2 seconds or so.
2. Took out one of the injectors to check if the Tandem pump had supplied diesel, swung the engine and diesel squirted out the feedline in the Cylinder head. (Injectors sit in the cylinder head basically)
3. Had my father in law run a diagnostic on the vehicle. went through all departments with no major codes (indicator light faulty etc.) this was done with a Bosch diagnostics machine used at his shop. This took about 2 hours or so with no luck as we went through everything (engine, central locking, immobilizer etc.
4. Replaced all the vacuum pipes as they seemed a bit perished.
5. traced all the wires and harness plug in the engine compartment and could not see any visible damage or rodent action.
6. Checked all the fuses in the car on the side of the dash with a tester (twice)
7. opened the computer box and checked the connections and fuses in there as well. all seemed fine (Not sure how to check relays)
8. I took my crank sensor and installed it on my wifes car (2003 Audi a4 1.9tdi AWX station wagon) which started fine.
9. Also took off the Cam sensor and tested on my wife's car and which started fine
10. Checked the condition of the cambelt and it turns when you swing the motor.
11. EGR position was open as supposed to.
12. no warning lights on dashboard
13. fitted new filters
14. tried starting the car with both the normal and spare key as I figured the key coding could have been lost.
15. charged the battery
16. Disconnected the battery terminals for about a week

None of these things seems to be the issue here. i could possibly have overlooked something though.

any advise feedback would be greatly appreciated.
thanks guys.