Hey guys, I have the ability to buy a cheap low-ish mile 6-speed trans (out of a 2013 GLI) for my 2015 1.8t gen3 Jetta, it's an automatic. I can't find anything to confirm the fitment on it, but I can't find any reason why it wouldn't physically fit on the motor. I know I'm probably going to need axles, hub assemblies, shifter assembly, master/slave cylinders, clutch and brake pedals, and a new clutch. I'm able to get it all for a reasonable price and do all the work myself, I'd just rather not buy parts that don't fit. I assume they will, but that there will be a problem electronically or coding wise. My question is, will I have any issues fitting this up to my car and it properly mounting and working with the harness. (speed sensor, ABS sensors on hubs, etc.) Does anyone have any insight?

From what I can tell the 6-speed is the better option between the 6-speed 02Q and the 5-speed 0A4, but if anyone has insight on that too, that would be welcome. Wasn't sure where to post this seeing as how specific it is.