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    Thread: Anyone tried the Eonon GA9453B

    1. Semi-n00b
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      Jan 26th, 2019
      2014 Jetta Sportwagen TDI
      09-12-2020 10:55 AM #26
      I've had the GA9453B in for about a week now. I have to say that this is truly a terrible failure of a radio.

      - Very slow. Press a button, get a response about 10-15 seconds later.
      - Front facing buttons are constantly being pressed accidentally.
      - Must be nearly on top of a router to catch a wifi signal at all.
      - That doesn't really matter though because wifi doesn't work even once you do connect. It works for a minute or two and then just stops and doesn't work again for an undetermined amount of time.
      - All apps I have tried to download from the Play store crash upon starting.
      - Factory launcher crashes regularly.
      - Switching to Bluetooth audio input is cumbersome. It is an option within a menu within another menu. This should be a single-touch option from the main screen.
      - On a volume scale of 1 to 10, phone audio is 0 and other audio is 8+. There is a mixer menu but phone audio is not in the menu. This results in the phone audio being so quiet at max volume that I can't hear anything. Then when the call is ended you get ears blasted out by whatever music was paused before you turned the volume up to max to hear the phone call.
      - I see no option to customize the home screens. I'm still looking for this though. It's hard for me to believe that something so basic does not exist.

      Overall I could not possibly be more disappointed in a head unit. This POS is only marginally better than an empty hole in the dash. I'm going to be attempting a return and will be replacing it with something else.

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    3. Junior Member
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      Mar 1st, 2019
      09-16-2020 04:35 PM #27
      I heard this system is good and stable. I might have trying it for now..

      I had a Kenwood high end navigation unit, I was cleaning my dash and I sprayed some stuff on the screen by accident and it kind of mess it up... Hopefully warranty covers it...


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