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    Thread: 2012 toureg tdi badging

    1. 02-11-2020 05:20 PM #1
      HELLO ALL.
      TONINO HERE FROM SUNNY ST. AUGUSTINE FL. I MAY BE BUYING MY SON'S 2012 TOUREG TDI WITH 117K MILES. His car has an emblem on both front fenders between the fenderwell lip and door
      which is a blue square followed by a capital "R" in chrome. There is also a chrome logo (a squiggly) of some sort over the blue field of the square. does anyone know what that signifies?

      I've had a couple of older Mercedes turbocharged 5cyl diesels but this will be my first foray into the world of modern clean diesels. Is there any advice you can give me as to engine maintenance aside
      from the obvious oil, filter, etc? Any weak areas in the car, driveline, engine over the long term? He bought it with 70k on it and it is immaculate in appearance and over maintained - thats the way he is.
      Any advice would be most appreciated. Thank you and its a pleasure to be on your forum .


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    3. Member Yeti35's Avatar
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      May 17th, 2006
      SL, UT
      2010 V6 TDI Touareg
      02-14-2020 07:41 PM #2
      It is an R Line model, but nothing performance about it like a Golf R. Just an appearance package, that is about it.

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