Hi all. I'm new around here and new to the EV. I've owned bugs and busses years and years ago. But, I've never made any mods and would love a heads up... I read several threads related to this, but they did not specifically address my newbie questions.

I own a 2001 EV and am fairly tall. Since the steering wheel does not telescope like many others, I'd love to simply (emphasis on simply) raise the steering wheel, or raise and bring back a bit with an offset hub. Pelican Parts has a JWest offset hub that bring it up 12mm and back 16mm ($62). I'd like an inch up, but the 1/2 inch may be enough.

- Any other hubs I should consider? Momo?
- Can I just use the OEM Steering Wheel with it's airbag staying intact?
- Any problems I should anticipate? Like horn wires too short, etc.