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    Thread: New Member with a DSG and a 6MT...for now!

    1. 02-14-2020 12:57 AM #1
      Hi All,

      New member from NorCal here...firstly, thanks to all the fantastic content by existing members that has been posted. It has been super helpful in both pulling the trigger on an R and already starting down the slippery slope of starting some mods.

      The 6MT vs DSG conversations were both insightful and entertaining when deciding which route to go...and interestingly...I bought on a Lapiz Blue 6MT at the end of December 2019...followed by purchasing a Lapiz Blue DSG 6 weeks later. Wait what...

      For those who want to know...this is what happens when you have left hip arthroscopy in October 2019, get excited about purchasing a new car (the 6MT), start driving it before your hip has healed, left clutch work, hello! Visit to the docs, and $250 later tells me, "Yeah, you might want to hold off for a year after surgery before driving a manual as that is how long the tissue fully takes to heal"... After much deliberation....about a week! And my wife threatening to steal the R and give me her Audi AllRoad...a swift plan was executed to buy a DSG in Lapiz Blue....before the mk7.5 disappears....

      Anyway...long story short....selling the 6MT and it is posted in the classified's

      For the DSG...already replaced those plastic paddle shifters...windows getting tinted this weekend...and the oettinger spoiler is ordered...can't wait for that...

      As for which I prefer DSG vs 6MT...I think I know not to restart that thread here!

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    3. 02-20-2020 03:40 AM #2

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