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    Thread: 2018 VW headlight swap to LED

    1. 02-14-2020 01:17 PM #1

      Hello, I have bought 2018 GTI s. I have decided to swap the headlights to the LED instead of the halogen ones. I cannot get it to work becuase the socket will not fit on the new headlight. So i bought an adapter, but it only got the low beam to work. Is there an adapter that will make they all the new headlight work correctly? I have attached all the pictures of the new and old.
      Thank you so much!!

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    4. 02-21-2020 04:24 PM #3
      Pretty much noobie at this although have done lots of other cars to LED bulbs.

      On '19 Alltrack S which comes with halogen fog, low, and high beams (each a separte set of two bulbs):

      I bought from Amazon a moderately price highly rated H9 set of bulbs for the high beam. They substituted directly for the H9 halogens, I stuffed all the wires into the housing and put the rubber caps back on. Work fine. Not sure about heat buildup but will see; it is still cold out.

      For low beams, this is mroe tricky. i spent too much on about 4 sets of H7 bulbs before I figured the trick. You need both an LED bulb and a fitting/working shiny stamped sheet metal adaptor. Lasfit for Golf MK7 ended up working, although I still had trouble workign with it. It comes with a 'custom' adaptor which you twist into the empty socket area (this is like the front part of the original H7 halogen bulb/adaptor/black plastic grip assembly). I ended up using bits of GOOP adhesive to keep this on as it was a loose fit. THEN, you CAREFULLY push the Lasfit bulb into the adaptor in the 'correct' orientation .WATCH FROM THE FRONT OF THE CAR AS YOU INSERT THE LASFIT H7 BULB, I SLIGHTLY DAMAGED THE TENDER THIN BULB SHIELDS INSIDE THE HEADLIGHT. Then, connect it, stuff it all inside the housing and put the cap back on.

      For the fogs, any H11 (yellower is nice) bulb will switch in without much trouble. You have to carefully look at the connector to release it, I forget how, you use a little screwdriver to push some plastic tabs in I think. It takes a while to figure out.

      Hope this helps, I imagine it is similar to your GTI setup.

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