PZEV or Partial Zero Emission Vehicle certification status. It's a thing associated w/ Cali vehicles but VW also made the motor for several other states. This info only refers to the 2.5L Motor in the 06-10 New Beetle / New Beetle Convertible that's a combo of Mk IV and V parts. It's also in the Mk V Golf / Rabbit Jetta.

If you do have the PZEV designation sticker under the hood or on the window you have a vehicle that's equipped with a 15 / 150K mile emissions warranty. Just to be sure contact VW customer care and verify that you're PZEV vehicle was sold in one of the states that triggers the PZEV warranty when sold as new. The reason I'm going down this rabbit hole is that you may have a vehicle that is eligible for $1,000.00's of new parts on a vehicle that's over 14 years old. VW is secretive about what is covered so I've placed a link to a page that Honda put out showing similar parts.

This is a Honda, NOT VW PZEV covered parts list ... https://owners.honda.com/Documentum/...t/APL32586.pdf

The 2.5L motor born from half of a Lambo V10 in our 07 NBC has been infallible since purchased in 2014. It's the damn brake vacuum pump internal to the motor that is a PITA to manage. The O ring on the access door to it fails and causes an instant (up to) $1.5K repair at the dealer. We ignored the leak for six years and kept an eye on the oil level. When it became time to fix it we also had a check engine light come on.

Our local dealer is no longer worthy of servicing our cars. The sole owner took on two partners. They turned it into a Carmax like atmosphere and fired every one of the service writers and the manager when they came on. Their goal now entails claiming no knowledge of any vehicle diagnostics and regurgitating a one to three hour diagnostic charge. If you're dealer is doing the same, here's some info to help.

Having our Indy shop install a Spulen brake vacuum pump bypass kit to permanently fix the engines internal vacuum pump for power brakes killed our PZEV warranty that was good until 2022. It bypassed the engines vacuum pump to delete it. I got hold of a field Rep at the Calif Air Resources Board / CARB who explained VW customer care steered me to the dealer for reimbursement of VW part # 07K 131 127 ($81.00) because it did not cause a mechanical breakdown that rendered the car inoperative BUT still in the vicinity of a dealer. Apparently, all Indy shops must STOP on all PZEV vehicle repairs and refer you to the dealer unless there is no other alternative to get you running. This is related only to items covered on the PZEV warranty. If you can substantiate you were stuck, VW will reimburse you for PZEV repairs by an Indy shop. If you tell VW otherwise they may void you're PZEV warranty or fail to reimburse you.

Also, if you do take you car into the dealer before or after a PZEV covered repair you MUST tell them "it is only for diagnostic to determine repairs for the PZEV system." It's the Kryptonite to keep them from running away on repairs unrelated to PZEV issues. After speaking to CARB I was made ware that $81 hose that would of been covered by PZEV could of been held hostage by my dealer. They could of stated that the vacuum leak caused by the Brake vacuum pump seal had to be ruled out before (and repaired) so an accurate diagnosis could be rendered. The dealer could even leave out that they discovered the code to the leaky SAI pump hose was causing. The brake booster was shot too. I knew my dealer would pull this scenario even though they had 100% access to the hose BEFORE they began to replace the seal on the brake vacuum pump access plate.

Lesson learned ... tell you're Indy tech if your car is PZEV. If he runs into any pricey emission related fixes tell him to hold off and check to see if it's covered under PZEV. I could of had my Indy replace only the seal on my brake booster pump and then go to the dealer to have them replace the SAI hose for free. My local dealer has lied to my face too many times. The option to lose 1.5 years worth of PZEV warranty on our 07 NBC did not warrant the heartache of going there to fix a factory covered repair for an $81 part + labor.

Our Indy got me for $583 + $40 tax in parts:

  • Oil
  • Filter element
  • Drain plug
  • Factory brake booster # 1J1 614 106J
  • Fact SAI pipe 07K 131 127
  • Heater hose connector # 1J0 122 291B
  • Heater hose connector # 3B0 122 291B
  • Gallon of G13 # G 013 A8J 1G

$563 on labor to dig into the confines of a NBC bay for replacement of the booster, removal of the booster pump, oil / filter change and SAI hose in the 2.5L motor. The codes were cleared, the oil leak was halted and the brakes actually have more bite w/ the Spulen bypass kit for $1,119.14 total. I do hope that this scenario helps out a another PZEV NB owner to save some heartache on a dealer repair or educate you a little on how to save some serious jing on a covered PZEV dealer repair.