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    Thread: Check Engine Light Finally Comes to My Life: P0442

    1. Junior Member
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      Jul 27th, 2017
      Seattle, WA
      2012 VW GLI Autobahn
      02-14-2020 09:26 PM #1
      My car has been great since I bought it at 64k miles 3 years ago (now 90k) and I only replaced ignition coils/spark plugs and water pump.

      A few days ago I got my first check engine light in a long time. Plugged in OBDII sensor immediately and got P0442. It said it's most likely a loose gas tank cap. The cap seemed fine, but I still opened it and closed it back. Cleared the code. A couple days later, this time I got the cap icon on and warning saying the cap is open, even though it was not. I stopped, opened and closed again, kept driving. The warning disappeared.

      Today I got the check engine light again. Besides trying a new cap(the seal on it looks perfectly fine, btw), what are other options? Anybody ever experienced it?

      2012 GLI

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    3. 02-15-2020 08:37 PM #2
      Maybe charcoal canister? My buddy had a Kia that gave him a similar code. Ended up being a cracked charcoal canister. It wouldn’t let his take pressurize.

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    4. Member jiffyjetta's Avatar
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      Mar 13th, 2010
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      02-16-2020 12:24 AM #3
      More than likely it is the purge valve. They're easy to replace.
      You can test it with vcds and a vacuum gauge, or just throw a new one in it.
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