VWVortex.com - What is the best route to sell a moderately high value classic mustang?
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    Thread: What is the best route to sell a moderately high value classic mustang?

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      03-17-2020 05:45 PM #1
      Important Edit: It turns out the car is not an R-Code SCJ, but was in fact born an F code 302 V8. It is an SCJ Clone. :sadface:

      My dad just passed away last week, so my mom has asked me to help with selling some of his property.

      The biggest task is going to be his Mustang. It is a 1970 R-Code 428 Super Cobra Jet Convertible. From what I have found, there were only 9 SCJ convertibles built in 1970. And from what my dad, said, this is 1 of 3 with the Deluxe Black vinyl interior and 3.91 Drag Pack.

      According to Hagerty, this car in good to excellent condition should be around $115-$140K. BUT, the car is slightly disassembled and extremely dirty. The body is in GREAT shape with nothing more than a few nicks in the paint. The dashboard and instrument cluster currently reside in the back seat because dad was doing some wiring repairs when he fell ill and never recovered. The master cylinder is currently out of the car because he didnt like the way the Wilwood master cylinder looked. And the interior is FILTHY because it has sat inside the detached garage (in horse country) for the last two years with the top down. If I repair the dash wiring (shouldnt be a problem, I am great with electronics), reassemble the dash, reassemble the brakes, and do some much needed maintenance, it should be back in great running condition.

      The problem is that I've never had to sell anything of this value so I don't know what to look into. I have a few options.

      Option 1a: Call Richard Rawlings and see if Gas Monkey wants to buy it as is. Let them put the work into it. But that lowers the value we could ask for it, Then Richard would chop us off at the knees because they have to be able to make money on it too.

      Option 1b: I fix it and get it running THEN call RR and sell it.

      Option 2a: I have a friend out here who is in the business of selling vehicles at the big name auction houses (Mecum, Barrett-Jackson, etc). He said he would be glad to list it for us for a small fee. The fee has not been discussed yet because he wants pictures to see what he would be selling. Then the auction house would get a (typically) 10% sellers fee, and approximately a $1,000 listing fee. He recommended Mecum because then we could put a reserve on it.

      Option 2b: My friend said he may be interested in buying it (depending on pictures) and let him fix it up and let him assume all the risk (or possible reward).

      Keeping it is NOT an option. Dad specifically told mom and I to sell it. He knew it would be a point of contention with us kids (3 boys who are all gear heads), so I am going to do as he asked.

      Are there any other options I should consider?

      Pic for Attention, This is not his exact car, but (when it was built) it was exactly the same. It has had some tasteful (easily reversible) upgrades.

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