I purchaced an 88 16V scirocco a couple years ago that already had a digifant 2 swap completed. The wiring that was done was not up to my standards with butt connectors and such. the car drove fine, but i recently came across a bad ground inside the digifant harness. The car would stall, and i could get the problem to happen if i shook the engine harness. i labeled it and removed it completely.

I bought another used harness in way better shape but it looks like the newer digi harness has 6 wires at the connector(where it integrates with the scirocco harness) where it only used 4 or 5 before. also the colors to not match up completley.

everything was going to plan except for where the digifant harness meets the scirocco harness (this connection(on the scirocco side) is 2 plugs, one black and one white). the black 2 pin connector has a red/white wire and a red/yellow wire. the white 3 pin connector has a red/black wire and and then 3 black wires of which 2 are spliced together.

long story short: I have 6 wires from the digi harness

I have 4 wires from the scirocco harness(3 black wires on the white connector are spliced together)
white connector :
black x2 (so basically black and RED/black on the white connector)

black connector:

can someone help me wire this correctly? i am trying to integrate the digifant harness to the scirocco 16v car. i can try to upload pics because i know that would help