I have searched to see if there are threads for this, and I have not found any. If there are, I apologize. Also, if this is not where I am supposed to be posting a thread like this, I apologize. I saw other picture threads in here and thought it would be ok.

I'm sure there are pictures of what I am looking for in the huge 100+ page threads, but I really can't go through that many pages in a thread. So here it is, I am looking for the tank and compressor setups of people running air ride specifically in a mk1 rabbit.

I don't care about the bags, I want to see how/where you put the compressor/s and tanks. I'd also like to know what compressor and tank you are using. So, if you do not have pictures of your cars, let me know your setup and let me hear you opinions on it and what you'd change if you could. I am completely undecided on what tank and compressors to get, and whether I should get 1/4 or 3/8's line. I'd like to hear user feedback on whether 3/8 moves a mk1 too quickly, or if it is just right. I'd also like to hear from people who have different size tanks. Is a 3, 4 or 5-gallon tank enough or not enough? How often do your compressors kick on and how long do they usually run for. Are two compressors for a MK1 overkill? I'd like to hear feedback from people who actually have air ride. I am currently in the middle of purchasing Air Lift 3P, but I do not want to waste my entire trunk setting up the tank and compressors.

I was looking to do a hidden setup but as anyone who owns a mk1 rabbit knows, the space is extremely limited. There is no room under the vehicle like a caddy, for obvious reasons (it isn't a caddy), and I found the trunk on my Mk1 Jetta to be substantially bigger than in the rabbit, again, for obvious reasons. So, let me see what you have and where you have it, and how ingenious you guys are. Price is not a concern for me at the moment, so even if you have some fancy custom job, I'd really love to hear about it.

No offence to any other generations, but I'm not looking for pics of your setups. They do not help me at all and there are tons of picture threads.

Thanks in advance guys!