VWVortex.com - Ignition coil wiring options= complete harness swap??? TT225 BEA engine
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    Thread: Ignition coil wiring options= complete harness swap??? TT225 BEA engine

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      Aug 18th, 2019
      05-04-2020 11:25 PM #1
      Apparently on the BEA 1.8t engines the wire gauge for the coils is larger than the replacement harnesses. I ordered the oem harness that's all over ebay but the wires were smaller and there was no n249 plug. It was teh harness that comes with the wires that go all the way back to the ecm.

      What would you guys do? I don't want to spend $745 on a replacement harness and swap the whole thing because the insulation has disintegrated on the coil plug wires. For now I heat shrinked the wires with adhesive lined heat shrink to get by but I will have to deal with it eventually.

      I did find harnesses for 745 from overseas with no tax but that's still a lot of money. I have the crimp tool i'd just need to buy the head off the vw parts site for junior power timer or power timer whichever it was if that is the best option. I could just make my own I guess by buying the harnesses on ebay and using their 2 plugs. I'd have to figure out which terminals and rubbers i'd need. I don't see why their plugs wouldn't fit a larger gauge wire.

      It may be a good idea to buy the harness anyway in case wiring problems crop up in the future that I can't figure out. The wiring on this car is routed tight all over, but they did such a great job at securing it it doesn't appear to rub/chafe anywhere.

      US dealers wanted 1300 for the harness when I called the local audi stealership. I've had good luck ordering from this place overseas, I trust them.
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      Aug 18th, 2019
      05-05-2020 08:56 PM #2
      I guess I posted this in the wrong place, but someone posted a similar question not too long ago and got no reply.

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