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    Thread: Golf 4 replace OEM igniter

    1. 05-10-2020 10:03 AM #1
      Good day to you all,

      3 days ago I concluded that the igniters of my left headlight is not working anymore. Do any of you know how to replace this unit? I tried to do it myself but I saw there is not alot of space in the headlight and I would rather not force anything to avoid the the risk of breaking it.

      I hope that one of you has the golden tip for me.

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      08-10-2020 06:50 PM #2
      They are quite easy to replace. However I can’t remember exactly as it’s been 10 years.
      The one end connects directly to your d2s and the other to the igniter.
      Then there is a small two prong plug that pops out of the back of the ignitor.
      Once the rear cover is off the light I believe it’s fairly easy to get at.
      It’s definitely the ignitor? Could be the ballast. Swap parts from one side to the other to verify they failed before wasting money.
      I’ve replaced enough of all of them (bulbs, ballasts, ignitors). It could be any!

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