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    Thread: Mk8 Wagon Spied

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      Feb 18th, 2016
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      05-15-2020 10:42 AM #1
      Mk8 wagon has finally been spied. Although VW has already said it’s not coming stateside. I wonder if they’ll change their minds. The Mk7 sportwagen and Alltrack have been very popular in New England - just not the rest of the US. And the Mk7 sportwagen is even more popular in Canada. I really hope VW changes their mind.


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    3. 08-01-2020 01:24 PM #2
      I am writing a letter to VWoA to tell them they should offer it to Americans. I would buy one.

      Besides, they sold nearly as many Sportwagens/Alltracks as GTIs, and the GTI is coming, so why not? They could even make the wagon order-only, like Volvo does, and let those of us who want one order it. Though I suspect that might raise the price a tad. Sigh.

    4. n00b
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      Jun 5th, 2018
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      08-01-2020 04:20 PM #3
      I'm sure eventually it'll come to our shores. Just wish we'd see an AWD TDI option. Which is highly doubtful unfortunately.

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    6. Yesterday 12:54 PM #4
      Quote Originally Posted by ryedog View Post
      I'm sure eventually it'll come to our shores. Just wish we'd see an AWD TDI option. Which is highly doubtful unfortunately.
      It's not coming to the US. VW has already decided this, and the sales numbers just don't support it. I'm a huge fan of wagons, and had a JSW and an Alltrack, but the sales numbers don't lie. Tiquan is outselling it almost 10 to 1. Sadly, the market has spoken, and wagons lost...

      Yes, the GTI had similar sales numbers, but it's more of a halo car that always gets a lot of press and "10 best" awards etc. From a marketing standpoint, that car is important to the brand. The wagon does not have that same importance.

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