Hello Team,

I just got a used VW POLO 6C 2013/2014; I figured that several adjustments had been made.

There is no connection to the Radiator fan thermal switch but the cooling fan works and Coolant temperature sender is connected and intact.

The Fan works when the engine gets to a high temperature as well as when the AC is on but some times I hear the coolant boil.

When the AC is not on, I do not actually expect the cooling fan to work as the thermal switch is not connected, but it works

The challenge here is that, I want to get (buy) a new harness to correct the unconnected radiator thermal switch but I do not know nor find where the other end of the cable should be and there are no loose cables around.

Can I please get help with a picture of how this connection flows from the - Radiator fan thermal switch to the part in the engine where it should be connected?