Well, I tried to post below but I don't have a post count high enough since I'm brand new here so I had to remove the links to my pictures. So, to start, can anyone tell me how to determine whether an oil leak is coming from the upper timing cover or the lower timing cover by visual inspection or another means? Since it appears the top cover is fairly straightforward to remove and replace the seals on it and the cam bridge should I just do that first and then if it's still leaking it's the lower seal or could it be something different all together?



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I have a 2009 Eos that has developed a couple of oil leaks. I took the skid pan off and cleaned the underside well but thus far can't identify either of them difinitively. I am hoping more experienced eyes may help me since my daughter's 100 miles away hoofing it right now.

The first picture below shows the location of the leaks in relation to the left and right of the car. Both leaks are off the back side of the engine as shown in the following photos with specific drip locations circled. The oil shown - each about a silver dollar circle - is from an across town drive of about two 10-mile round trips from taking my youngest to work and back yesterday. There was no visible oil on the pan after about an hour last night but I woke up to find these this morning.

The first leak is toward the passenger side of the car and has the entire back of the block wet with oil on the passenger side. I am assuming this is an upper or lower timing cover but I am hoping you can help me determine which or if it could be something else. The second is coming from somewhere up top and dripping down onto the protector shield below the exhaust manifold and running down the side of the shield as indicated by the blue arrows and then dripping from the bottom of the shield onto the ground. The car is running fine. It gets rough idle when removing the oil filler cap or dipstick and the blow test on the PCV show it's working and there are not any leaks to be found around it anywhere or the vent tube off the backside. There is also no oil around the brake vacuum pump. I can't thing if anywhere else except the valve cover gasket but it appears clear on the backside looking from top and bottom although I haven't removed the air tube or heat shield yet.

Can anyone suggest another option to diagnose either or both leaks to more precisely determine where they are coming from?

Thanks in advance,