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    Thread: G-Force G60 cylinder head

    1. 05-19-2020 02:14 AM #1
      Hey guys,

      Currently about to start to do a restoration job on my '90 Golf G60, the engine has been dismantled and block and head have been machined and are ready for rebuild.
      During dismantling the engine if came across a stamping on the side of the cylinder head, saying "G-Force G60".
      I have been doing some searching on the web but it seems whatever this company once was, its no more.
      Any of you guys knew this company and their products?
      Seems like they were doing performance parts for the G60 in the high years of G60 modding.
      It seems it was a European based company, but i am not sure about that.

      The head is a standard cast and the ports are flowed, i am not sure about the valve size is stock or perhaps bigger than OEM.
      My engine builder who did the machining for me said to be happy with this head as it will be a good improvement over stock CFM flow.
      Apart from that i do not see any other modifications, but maybe one of you guys heard about them before?

      Thx for reading!

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    3. 05-19-2020 11:00 AM #2
      I can't share any information about G Force but have you looked into the thinner 7mm valve stems? I think it's worth the extra costs especially if you are buying new valves anyway. Do not get the stock ABA intake valves since they are really 39.5mm and not a true 40mm head. You may want to look into the 1mm larger valves too.

    4. 05-19-2020 01:55 PM #3
      The head already has been taken care of regarding machining and a new set of valve guides and seals, think they were 8mm, not sure.
      As this head has been optimized by G-Force i am guessing they already did all work to stage it up and went for bigger valves.
      I am not at home due to work, but when i get back i will check the valve stem diameter and valve diameters to see what they actually put.
      The guy who did the rebuild told me that head had not seen much miles and nothing was found worn etc.
      Just for a state of mind he changed the valve guides and seals but reused all valves.

      I was just wondering someone here knows G-Force and their work, information is rare about them and even here in Europe i did not come across someone who dealt with them.

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    6. 05-19-2020 10:54 PM #4
      Without a doubt, the stems are 8mm. Since you did not show the valve heads, I cannot say what you have in them.

    7. 06-16-2020 10:03 AM #5
      build it up with a nice cam and chip/pulley upgrade. easy 200 bhp

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