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    Thread: Golf mk4 clutch pedal on the floor after master cylinder replacement

    1. 05-22-2020 03:35 AM #1
      Long story short: I've been having problems getting my car into gear with the engine on recently. Clutch bleeding temporarily would solve the issue. Brake fluid would come out very dirty during bleeding. Replaced the master cylinder, hard line, and bleeder block.

      Before doing this replacement, I was able to get action on the clutch pedal with the old master cylinder installed. I could push it down and it would return. Now, I feel no pressure whatsoever when pushing the clutch pedal down and it sticks to the floor. I bled the clutch for about 10 minutes after replacing everything and noticed very low fluid pressure each time I cracked the valve. Fluid used to rush out when bleeding, now it sort of just lazily flows out.

      Please help. I've been working on replacing all of these components for about two weeks now, running into unforeseen problem after unforeseen problem every step of the way and this is the only problem that ive encountered that I cant think of a solution to and solving it "should" get the car operational again.

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      05-22-2020 09:55 PM #2
      I haven't seen it on VWs but on other cars its sometimes necessary to bench bleed a component to remove stubborn air pockets before install. What kind of fluid volume can you pump through the system when you leave the bleed screw cracked? also make sure your hose from the resivour is not plugged from when you clamped it off, happened to me once.

    4. 05-23-2020 06:59 AM #3
      Yeah, double checked the hose from the reservoir. I think I had one of the ends too tight or something. The hole in the hose I'm using is slightly too small in diameter to fit over the reservoir and master cylinder (had to stretch it out to get it over) so I just removed the clamps all together, rebled, and everything worked. They're on snug enough to stop leakage for now - just worried they might pop off in the future so I'm gonna try to get some different hose.

      Anyways - yeah, hose was plugged. Thanks for the help. Car is shifting again (for now)

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