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    Thread: Mexico City Peseros - (Informal Transit Thread)

    1. Member CostcoPizza's Avatar
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      Jan 20th, 2008
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      05-22-2020 12:28 PM #1
      When I visited CDMX a couple years ago, I instantly noticed these things.

      Green, older, dirty, and often being driven like something much smaller in size.

      I've no idea what powers these things (ford 460?) -- but some of them sound mean and I spotted a couple manuel transmissions too. From a quick search, they're phasing these out due to emissions over the next few years, also they're informal so I'm sure authorities want to regulate them under regular transit laws.

      Any other insight or similar setups across the world?

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    3. 05-22-2020 12:47 PM #2
      Sounds like a similar scenario to what I've seen in Bogota.

      The one thing I remember from my last trip to Mexico DF was the crammed TypeII VWs. They were everywhere.

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      Dec 9th, 2011
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      05-22-2020 10:38 PM #3
      Jeepneys in the Philippines. I heard they’re being phased out due to emissions as well and upgraded to more modern and cleaner versions.


      PS. They’re featured in the Netflix anime series “Cagaster of an Insect Cage” for some reason.

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    5. 05-29-2020 02:52 PM #4
      These are the coolest

    6. Member ch.davis's Avatar
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      Jun 26th, 2016
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      05-29-2020 04:01 PM #5
      Quote Originally Posted by KARMANN_20V View Post
      Sounds like a similar scenario to what I've seen in Bogota.

      The amount of emissions and pollution these give off is disgusting

      The ones on the coast seem to be even worse (no surprisingly). In Santa Marta or Barranquilla.. ooff

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