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    Thread: Alltrack or Tiguan, your call?

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      Feb 10th, 2000
      2013 Tiguan SEL, Candy White/ 2009 GTI, Candy White
      05-22-2020 04:38 PM #1
      My 23-year-old daughter's out test-driving cars today, comparing an Alltrack to the 2013 Tiguan that she was driving when she was hit from behind by a semi truck. The Tig held up well in this low speed impact, but with front and rear crash damage, it's totaled. She liked the Tiguan very much, except for the gas mileage- she's in Seattle, where gas has only dropped to $2.75/gal. For background, she's utterly outdoorsy, bound for forest roads and through-hiking at this stage of life. Her other favorite choice is a Subaru. I've warned her that dogs and love aren't included, but I understand. Their ads make me sob, too.

      She'll do what she chooses. But for those of you who cross-shopped and bought one over the other, why?

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    3. Member dankatz's Avatar
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      Feb 17th, 2001
      Boston, MA
      2011 Honda Odyssey EX-L, 2019 Forest Green/Mar Brown Alltrack SEL 6MT, 2009 335xi Montego Blue 6MT
      05-25-2020 12:38 AM #2
      We like our Alltrack a lot. We have the top of the line sel and are at different stage of our life with three kids. You can get an S Alltrack for $23k these days and it is a ton of car for the money. It drives like a golf and not like an suv, but a smidge taller. DSG transmission is much better than the Tiguan automatic. We have a manual if she so desires :-)

    4. 05-28-2020 04:31 PM #3
      I would definitely go with the Alltrack over the Tiguan.

      We bought a 2018 Tiguan for baby hauling duty, but if it would have been up to me I would have went with the Alltrack. As mentioned above, the DSG is much nicer than the automatic in the Tiguan. Especially if you get a 2018 Tiguan. They did revise it for the 2019 models and I have heard it is a lot better, but I have not tried them. The Alltrack just drives better too, and would be awesome for outdoorsy activities.

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