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    Thread: 2012+ Beetle Side Markers Install

    1. Member Ghostccc's Avatar
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      Jun 2nd, 2006
      99.5 VW Jetta GLS, 02 NB Turbo S, 08 VW Jetta Wolfy, 00 NB TDi GLS, 13 Beetle Tdi
      05-22-2020 05:14 PM #1
      *Warning I am not a professional, just doing the best I can and learning.*

      Hello Peeps,
      Today I am installing Smoke Side markers I got from UROTuning. The install is fairly simple.
      Tools Needed:
      T-handle or rachet.
      Simple Unboxing Pics

      What I did: I started by working on the Driver side.
      I first turn the wheel full lock towards the passenger side.
      I located the inner fender liner bolts. I believe they are T-20, You will see 3 of them. There is a fourth one under the fender but you dont need to take it off.

      Once you pull the inner fender liner out you will see the side maker tab. Just press on the tab and push out. The side marker will come out easily. Take out the light bulb socket.

      Putting it back together is the same in reverse.
      Install Pics:
      02 NB Turbo S *Beetle Boost* -Sold
      08 Jetta *Wolfy* - Sold
      00 NB TDI *Slugger* - Totaled
      13 Beetle TDi *El Vocho* - Present

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    3. Member NewBeatle's Avatar
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      Dec 4th, 2019
      Eastern PA, USA
      2019 Beetle SE (black)
      05-23-2020 02:21 AM #2
      Quote Originally Posted by Ghostccc View Post

      { deleted stuff }

      Simple Unboxing Pics


      { deleted stuff }

      Install Pics:

      Your pictures did not come through ...

    4. Junior Member avatr's Avatar
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      May 9th, 2017
      58, 64, 66, 68, 73 bug, 70 VW Campmobile, 2017 Dune
      05-23-2020 10:26 AM #3
      oh my. mine were much easier. the lights popped out from the front. took at least 2 minutes per side.

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