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    Thread: Help: Brake squeaking loud

    1. 05-23-2020 01:18 PM #1
      I have the rear ebrake setup with the 310mm rotors.

      I have run these brakes before with Hawks pads. Never had an issue until now.

      The past two months there has been a alot of squealing when braking. The squealing last the entire time you brake.

      I've already replaced the front brake setup and pretty much ruled the fronts out. (A member actually had to help me out with a replacement set of fronts)

      So back to the rears, I've taken the pads out to clean, grease the metal inserts, spray quiet coat on the back of the pads, greased the guide pins. Nothing is seized, everything moves smoothly. The pads pop right in place.

      They still squeak! The last thing to do is replace pads and rotors.

      Has anyone had this experience and know what the root cause / fix is? Are Hawks in the rear that bad? I always use them and have never had this amount of squealing.

      - MKVAG

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    3. 05-23-2020 01:25 PM #2
      These rears are from a passat 3.6. Basically ebrake versions of the mk6 golf r brakes. Still 310mm rotors.

      - MKVAG

    4. 05-31-2020 02:37 PM #3
      Try rounding the edges of the pads a bit. So it’s not 90 degrees. With some sand paper.

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