VWVortex.com - 13' TT-RS UM Stage 2 Fuel cut issues
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    Thread: 13' TT-RS UM Stage 2 Fuel cut issues

    1. 06-19-2020 07:44 PM #1
      Hey guys, according to some initial research this appears to be a common issue amongst the RS community when running high boost.
      From the intel that I have gathered thus far, the pump/controller overheats and can no longer maintain the pressure needed.

      CTS said This fuel cut seems to be a more-or-less common occurrence with MK2 TT-RS and usually is fixed by replacing the low pressure pump or some customers have installed a TorqByte fuel pump controller. However, torqbyte required some sort of custom coding to make it work with the TT-RS. I do not have much detail on that unfortunately.

      The fuel cut always seems to happen under WOT between 5-6k rpm.

      The dealers suggested route is to first change the fuel filter, then inspect the HPFP to visually inspect the spring and plunger.
      I've seen a few guys upgrade to either a Loba or an Autotech HPFP.

      There was a vague post about "wiring", and if the above does not fix the issue then replacing the LPFP as a last resort.

      I just thought someone here might have experienced the same issue or similar and could best direct me on the fix.

      Thanks in advance
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      06-30-2020 11:46 AM #2
      Did UM not give you any troubleshooting info?

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