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    Thread: Does anyone got same noise from 6speed transmission

    1. 06-26-2020 06:27 PM #1
      First of all my first language isn't English so my writing can't make clear descriptions.
      Please understand this.

      My wife has 2012 new beetle 2.5l with 6 speed auto transmission.

      I bought this car two months ago. (51000km)
      Now around 54000km on it..


      Just stared some noises on the car.

      1 impacts on transmission when gear shifting while braking (I think mostly between 2 to 3 gears) I am going to change mission oil with oil filter.

      2 around 90km/h I can feels and see vibrations from the steering wheel and also armrest console as well. If I drives 140Km/h feels like the vibrations much decreased almost like normal. This started after I got the sound from t4ansmisson.

      3 when Ideling at around 1100 ~ 1200 of RPM, vibration and the sound at the video got bigger.

      I just wondering that all of those can be connected or something came out at the same time.
      I did throttle cleaning with map sensor. Changed engine oil.

      What do I have to check up more and fix.

      Any Ideas will be really helpful to me.

      Thank you and be safe from covid 19.

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    3. Member billymade's Avatar
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      Jan 29th, 2008
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      06-26-2020 11:39 PM #2
      This is the New Beetle 1998-2010 discussion area; you might post your question here:


      or in the tranmission discussion area here:



    4. 06-27-2020 06:02 PM #3
      I thought this category is New beetle and convertible. Isn't it?

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    6. Member Rockerchick's Avatar
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      06-27-2020 10:40 PM #4
      Quote Originally Posted by Audi & VW View Post
      I thought this category is New beetle and convertible. Isn't it?
      The New Beetle was from '98-2010. In 2012, they brought it back and just called it The Beetle.
      Quote Originally Posted by TM87 View Post
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