Howdy. I'm new to the forum but not motorsports. I'm getting everything in order to sell two cars. I think this is the right place for the VW, but not sure about the 911, to ask for advice, tips, ect on selling.

I'll get specs put together for the VW and list it in the classifieds. Any idea what range these are selling for these days? Mine is probably on the nicer end, but hard to say as I've been out of the game for 10 or 15 years (read kids). My car did make it it Cincy once, about 7 years ago, so there may be some people on here who have seen it.

As for the 911, where do I go for the 911 version of VW Vortex? It is a Yellow, under 10K miles, custom order, 911. I think the upgrades are the brakes and maybe the seats / interior. Sorry, no good pics yet. Thanks in advance for any help.