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    Thread: 2010 gulf tdi wagon studder @ 1800-2000Rpm

    1. 06-29-2020 10:18 PM #1

      Trying to figure out what is going on with my friends car. It is a 2010 Gulf TDI manual transmission with the emissions fix installed. He has always had this symptom that intermittently occurs between 1800-2000RPM at moderate loads. Doesn't matter wether it is at highway speeds or slowly driving around town. There are no stored DTC's. I haven't observed anything that stands out when the stuttering is happening and watching live data. Has anyone found a permanent repair for this? The local dealership is only good at one thing.. taking money with no sign of action.

      Thanks in advance.

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      07-27-2020 12:16 AM #2
      History on fuel filter?
      And air filter?

      Does the car
      Have the original dual mass flywheel?

      I have seen a factory 2010 Tdi flywheel spin into two pieces.
      They are very poor quality.

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    4. 08-01-2020 11:00 PM #3
      Hi. This sounds exactly like what my wife’s 2014 TDI sportwagen was doing. She has a dsg but it doesn’t really matter imo. It was a heck of a journey (almost 8weeks at the dealer) and over $8K paid in full by VW, we figures the problem. A BAD ECM. Take a look at my post. It will hopefully save your friend a lot of $...

      My Post: 2014 SportWagen TDI quick loss of power

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