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    Thread: Need help with headlights pls

    1. 06-29-2020 11:09 PM #1
      First post here, will try to control my tendency to ramble.

      02 S8 Audi. Only had the car a couple weeks, was having trouble with cutting out but my headlights worked fine. Took to dealer for the cutting out, they said fuel starvation (the 1/2 tank issue) and had a wrong relay installed not sure which one. They replaced relay and I put full tank gas, ran good, plenty of power. Try to go somewhere that night, no low beams, these are xenon lights. Fuses are good, replaced light switch and ign module with crashed A8 parts- no change. I don't think I just had two bad switches, looked at the old one, contacts look fine upon dissasembly. Grounds are good to the HL connector pins (two), have power to pins 1 for high beams which work. Have power to pin 4 of the connector in both high/low positions but don't know what that's for, not likely the low beams more like leveling or something? I have Erwin diagrams but can't tell which pin is for low beam + but I think that's the issue. Is it true that there's no relays that can cause this? And that the headlight module is only for leveling? Therefore this pretty much has to be a hard wiring issue? What did they do to my car (no suggestions from them)? Any help here much appreciated.
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    3. 06-30-2020 10:11 PM #2
      Replaced my first "600" light module in the relay panel with another 600, I guess that was a bad one too, because replaced that one with a 373 version (third freekin relay), have my lights back.

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