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    Thread: Help! Boost issues

    1. 06-30-2020 02:08 PM #1
      03 GTI 1.8t
      Mods: Cold air intake, 3” down pipe & 3” back, Stage 2 tune, 4 bar fpr, and some Dv that came on the car

      Alright guys so I finally found someone with a scan tool to diag my 115 blocks.. It’s a stage 2 (2step & NLS) my problem is that I’m not peaking over 15lbs when the tune calls for 22lbs peak. I bought the car with the tune already on it so I was skeptical if it was actually true or not. Today I did a couple pull with the tool hooked up and the MAX Specified boost was 2550 mbar (22.xx lbs) and the MAX actual boost I achieved was 2070mbar (15.3x lbs). So where would I start trying to find a boost leak ? Is there a way to troubleshoot the DV ? And a proper way to test N75 valve (can’t find a true step by step without having questions on a old thread)? What could cause this much of a boost loss ? Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks !!

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    3. 06-30-2020 08:33 PM #2

    4. Yesterday 12:34 AM #3
      Check the faq in the 1.8t forum. There is a great DIY on finding boost leaks.

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    6. Junior Member
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      Mar 19th, 2020
      2003 Volkswagen Jetta 1.8T
      Yesterday 03:31 PM #4
      What fuel are you running. When I got my stage 1 unitronic tune I wanted a stage 1+ but I couldn't because it needed higher octane fuel. They wanted me to run an octane booster every tank. Your car may be tuned to run higher octane. Call the company that tuned your car and see what their stage 2 requires.

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