So I did not know this was a category, and boy am I happy to find it. I recently purchased a few watches... was not planning on A FEW, but here I am. Nothing wildly expensive, I just wanted a couple neat dailies that I wouldn't have to worry too much about. I had been wearing an Invicta that I got what feels like a lifetime ago and its just a little too beaten up. It's served its purpose. My mom got my dad and I very nice matching wooden watches, but I'm nervous to put it through the rigors of daily use. It's a memento piece really.. And the rest of my collection is either too rare or valuable for me to comfortably wear on a daily basis, in my opinion. So.. I went shopping!

The first was a Mercer Lexington. It is a ST1901 manual winding chrono. Very clean, classic design. Sold as soon as I saw it kind of thing. I love it.

Then I found a great deal on a Laco Heidelberg. I've been wanting a Laco for some time. Simple and german, much like myself. A classic pilot watch with an Elabore automatic movement.

And then, because my self control has taken a big hit over the pandemic, I bought a Sturmanskie Luna-25. Something about the "Soviet pride, for the motherland!" of it just really appealed to me. It's a Miyota quartz, one of the few quartz movements in my collection.

I'm hoping all will be delivered by the end of the month. I have always been interested in watches, something I got from my dad no doubt. His collection is pretty wild and I'm a little jealous but I'm getting there. His influence can be seen in my collection in the couple Hamilton Electrics I have acquired over the years. I'll have to snag some pics of mine and his next time I get the chance. Again.. I really didn't set out to buy three watches over the course of a month. I have to keep saying it or it won't stop. Thank you.