My 8 year old nephew asked me If I can buy him a pet.
At 1st, I said sure... but asked if he check w/his parents 1st.
He did, I also checked with them as well. They said it was ok, but
before I bought his pet. I told him he needed to research it, so that he would know how to take care of it.
I know why an arachnid, but I always encourage anything he is interested in and not be afraid to ask me.
Several months passed since this pandemic has us SIP.
I couldn't believe how fascinated he is with his pets.

The 1st is a phiddipus audux named " Jumper".
His 2nd one is a phidippus regius named "Lilo".
and his last one is hyllus giganteus named " Twinkie"
They are interesting creatures.
I was wondering, if anyone out here on the tex' were any jumping spider owners/hobbyist.
I've been researching as much as I can, so I can help him take care of them.
So any info provided is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Dilly Dilly