VWVortex.com - MK7 - Brake "Clunk" sound shortly after going in gear and applying brake.
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    Thread: MK7 - Brake "Clunk" sound shortly after going in gear and applying brake.

    1. Semi-n00b
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      Oct 25th, 2003
      2003 Jetta 1.8T, 2016 Golf Sportwagen 1.8T
      07-24-2020 05:56 PM #1
      I'm seeing this issue reported on a few sites with no explanation or solution.

      So I did the following:
      - cleaned the caliper guides for the pads and slightly lubed them
      - checked the guide pins were moving ok
      - cleaned and lubed the brake pad backing
      - lubed the tie-rod ends (the rod that connects with the sway/torsion bar to the strut)
      - lubed the bearing on top of the strut

      Result: Pretty much nothing. The noise is still there but i'm finding it's related to moving forward (in gear), then moving backwards (in gear) and hitting the brakes (and vice-versa). Of note, the noise is clearly something moving and hitting a "stop" with a metal-on-metal "clunk".

      So I just got this car (2016 Sportwagen) and should note it's not using OEM pads but rather "RayBestos" pads. I'll be getting OEM pads and checking if this changes. I'm almost convinced the noise is from the pads and the "clunk" is movement within the caliper but I'm not seeing any indication the pads are moving laterally and the fit is indeed snug with no play.

      If I had to guess how you would make a sound like that, it's almost like it's a "feature" that the brakes are "de-pressurized somewhat" when not in moving gear. When the car is in gear, it goes to full pressure. I believe if you drive a bit before applying the brakes the first time while in gear you won't hear the noise. It's only when you hit the brakes very shortly after going in gear that it appears to accelerate the "pressurizing". I write this and it sounds crazy, but since the brake pedal is used to start the car a feature where the pressure can be reduced might alleviate "stuck pads" on rotors when the car is parked.

      I have a VAGCOM so I might see if I can get some data from the ECU on if any of this makes any sense. Open to suggestions.

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    3. 07-30-2020 04:17 PM #2
      Getting the same sound from our 2016 SportWagen as well!

      Also believed it was brake pads, has anyone tested to confirm?

      Thinking it also could be the hill assist maybe turning off? It definitely sounds like metal on metal and something disengaging!

      Our SportWagen is a manual tsi trendline.

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