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    Thread: Self driving car

    1. 07-26-2020 09:59 PM #1
      Hi I have a 2019 alltrack in manual when I start cold and stare to drive wile the engine is revving high my car will accelerate on its own I can shift to 3 or 4th gear getting up to 40km/hr without touching the gas pedal and after 45 seconds too a minute once the rpms drop it goes back to normal I brought it back to the dealer and they told me it’s normal. I have only ever owned manual cars including a 1995 vw golf and other car brands and I have never experienced this befor it can be dangerous in a tight parking lot as the only way to slow it down without ridding the brakes is to put it in neutral.
      Has anyone else experienced anything like this I just want to get some info before I go back to the dealer I think it is just revving too high and needs to be tuned
      Just for some more info I bought it new in January and it now has 14000k and has done this from the start.
      Thank you

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      08-09-2020 05:50 AM #2
      You are learning that new vw are garbage rolling future computer scrapyards.

      Yes. Some aspects of new cars suck.

      Why did you buy one?
      Plenty of older cars with plenty of life that aren’t money pits.

      Just, wait until it starts breaking. ...
      You think you don’t like it now!
      When it’s brand new!!!
      smiles per gallon in a tdi rabbit are unreal

    4. 08-09-2020 01:08 PM #3
      The engine is reving high to warm up the engine.

      If you engaged the clutch when it’s still reving high it will accelerate and drive since the idle is high

      This is normal

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