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    Thread: DSG Problem Driving me Insane

    1. 07-31-2020 11:56 AM #1

      I was previously registered on here a while ago, but i don't seem to be able to access my old login/email anymore.

      Anyway Here goes..

      In February this year i bought a 2010 VW Scirocco 2.0 GT Tdi 170 DSG (DQ250 6 Speed) via private sale.
      On the test drive it seemed to drive fine (previously had an Audi TT with DSG issues so had an idea what to look for)

      Shortly after getting it home, i had an issue where the car would fail to select reverse just after starting the engine, whilst the engine/gearbox was already hot (no problem when cold).
      When reverse had failed, i get a flashing 'R' on the instrument display, and fault 18223 (n215 short to b+).
      This is repeatable EVERY time i start the car hot.... however re-starting the car, selecting 'D' momentarily before moving back to "R" and the car would reverse ok (everytime).

      First of all I did a gearbox oil and filter change, along with a DSG reset using VCDS, this made NO difference.

      So i took the Mechatronic unit off, and took it to a specialist (ECUTesting.com) who couldn't find a fault on there dynamic test rig, but changed the N215 valve anyway.
      I refitted the unit, and again, there was NO difference, the fault was still there.
      I then took the unit back to ECUTesting again, who could still not find a fault, and this time gave me a whole different refurbished unit to try.

      The replacement unit appeared to cure the fault, for a few weeks.
      After a few weeks with this unit fitted the car felt sloppy and slow/hesitant to pull away, so a DSG Reset was done with VCDS, this instantly bought back the Reverse issue.

      I updated the firmware on the DSG unit to the latest version from VW using VCP - No difference.

      This time i took the car to a local, highly rated DSG specialist who recommended a clutch pack change..... this did nothing.
      He suggested the Mechtronic unit had failed again, so i sourced a second hand unit from a low mileage car, and he fitted it for me, this again seemed to cure the fault.
      However 2 weeks later the car suddenly started to drive strange, so i pulled over. Cycled the ignition and tried to drive away, which resulted in false Neutral. After another DSG Reset with VCDS the car would drive ok again in 'D' but the exact same reverse problem was back AGAIN.

      I tried another VW Specialist who also couldn't bottom the fault, and could only suggest yet another Mechatronic Unit.

      I contacted the owner of evosoft.dk/dsgfiles for advice and he suggested an oil pressure problem, and to change the gearbox pump & internal filter.
      I opened the gearbox, changed the internal pan filter, inspected everything i could visually, blew all the oilways out with compressed air and cleaned up all the positioning magnets ect, and fitted a new Oil Pump, with fresh fluid correctly filled (bottom fill), did a DSG VCDS Reset... and STILL the reverse problem persists.

      -Oil Level Correct
      -Internal and external filters replaced
      -Clutch Pack Replaced
      -New Oil Pump
      -Gearbox Cleaned internally, and oil ways cleared.
      -3x Mechatronic units fitted (initially fix the problem, but then it comes back)
      -DSG VCDS Reset Carried out many many many times.
      -No fault codes on rest of the car + all engine and ABS sensors working correctly.
      -Gear Selector Cable adjusted correctly (i know this is just for parking lock anyway)
      -Fault only happens after starting car when the car is already up to temperature, everything is fine when cold.

      From data logging, i can see the following
      If i start the car hot, and select 'R' the K1 Pressure is ~1.89bar (and the car won't move)
      If i start the car hot, and select 'D' and then go back to 'R' the K1 Pressure is ~2.42bar (and the car will move)

      Reverse gear is definitely selected when i put the gear lever in 'R' according to Measuring Block 016

      There has to be a way to repair my car, but every specialist has failed so far, and i've spent around £1800 and i still have the exact same fault.
      Please can someone offer any advice?
      Last edited by EZTutty; 07-31-2020 at 12:03 PM.

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    3. Junior Member #123's Avatar
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      Nov 30th, 2014
      2007 gti Fahrenheit #123
      07-31-2020 11:42 PM #2
      Have literally same problem 2nd mechatronic unit can't clear codes do run adaption odd gears are slipping now I feel your pain

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    4. Junior Member #123's Avatar
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      Nov 30th, 2014
      2007 gti Fahrenheit #123
      07-31-2020 11:43 PM #3
      And I've changed the temperature sensor

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    6. Semi-n00b type53bPL's Avatar
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      Oct 5th, 2006
      Richmond, VA.
      '07 GTIV mods '02 GTIIV VR6 rip. '84 Scirocco + '87PL motor '82 Rabbit L rip.
      08-08-2020 12:43 PM #4
      Hi EZ have you diagnosed that the shift selector is functioning correctly? Three mech units and the problem persists, I would check the shift selector. I dealt with installing a new mech unit in my MKV
      last year after verifying the shifter worked OK. Just a thought.
      Last edited by type53bPL; 08-09-2020 at 06:13 PM.

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