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    Thread: Mk2 golf 02M gearbox: master clutch cylinder question

    1. Junior Member
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      Apr 30th, 2008
      '91 mk2 GTI
      07-31-2020 04:02 PM #1

      My mk2 golf has a 1.8 20vt + 02m 6 speed gearbox for about a decade.
      The clutch kit was a stage 2 kit from clutchnet with single mass flywheel.

      Ever since installing the 6 speed gearbox my clutch pedal has been very heavy to operate.
      So heavy that you can see the firewall and master brake cylinder moving a little bit.

      I now swapped the entire clutch kit for a Sachs performance kit, also with single mass flywheel, hoping this kit would give me a better pedal feel.
      Unfortunately that had no effect.

      Every thing clutch related is now brand new with fresh oil except the master clutch cylinder on the (golf g60) pedal box.
      The master clutch cylinder I’m using on the pedal box is from a Golf mk3 vr6.

      That master cylinder worked fine before years ago when I was still using the 02J 5 speed gearbox but maybe it’s not adequate anymore to work with the clutch in the 02m gearbox.

      Does anyone have done a similar swap? What master clutch cylinder are you using?
      And are there other clutch cylinders from newer models that will dit the G60 pedal box?


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      08-05-2020 06:47 PM #2
      Fast bunny metal works

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      Quote Originally Posted by .Ant View Post
      What vegeta said.

    4. Member sdezego's Avatar
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      08-10-2020 04:48 PM #3
      The 02a/02j Clutch Master is smaller than the 02m. With some light machine work you can use the 02m Master Cyl with will give you a better feel.

      Are you running the 02a Firewall bracket that supports the Master (i.e. from Corrado or Passat). If not as mentioned there are a few companies that make one.

      02m Master on 02a Corrado Bracket and mods needed about mid way down on this mage from my build thread:


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