That’s with the US linear springs from Eibach.

I actually have this kit sitting in a box, and I ordered some Ksport Control pro coilovers because I couldn’t decide on what to go with. I have an Audi 8P with Ksport installed back in 2014 or so, and they’re still going strong. Actually the same part number is for the MK6 as well.

I’m mainly curious if anyone has the Sportline kit actually installed on an MK6 along with photos. There’s a lot of old posts out there where some people used the mk5 Bilstein b8 (the strut that comes with the B12 kit) and experienced an unpleasant ride. Hard to find recent posts with actual driving experience.

That said, I’m not looking to track the car or anything like that. This is my daily driver (when not with the wife or kids), so my goal is comfort and a modest drop. Basically getting rid of wheel well without the reverse rake.