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    Thread: Footwell Lighting Installation

    1. 08-01-2020 10:49 AM #1
      I'm not going to do a full tutorial since there is plenty of information out there already for adding footwell lights to a MK7 Golf. And it's pretty much the same across platforms, I installed them in my 2013 Passat years ago and it was almost identical.
      I did want to post about it though since it does not seem to have been tackled or talked about here. It took me about two hours taking my time, not including the time I spent trying to track down coding that actually worked for my 2019. If you are not in a rush you can get the entire kit with the wiring and four lights for ~$20 on Aliexpress. The kit number to search for is either 7L0947415 or 5ND947415, I think one is LED and one is incandescent. I actually went with incandescent because I have LED replacement bulbs, and I did not trust the the LED kit to have decent light output. Plus I wanted to verify dimming worked with the incandescent bulbs before swapping in LEDs.

      I have a 2019 eGolf SE, so no footwell lights from the factory. I added the footwell wiring to BCM pin C72, it was empty. There are cutouts under the dash and seats for the lights to clip into, no modification necessary. Wiring was straightforward, if you've pull a VW apart in the last decade you know it's pretty simple. If you haven't, Youtube it and you'll be all set. You'll need a T20 to get the panel out from under the steer wheel and a T50 to get the seats out. 10mm is used for the grounding lug, a small flat screwdriver for the hood release handle, and trim removal tools do come in handy ($5 well spent at Harbor Freight, Amazon, eBay, etc.). Getting the wiring from the driver footwell to the passenger footwell could be a challenge, but I was able to fish a set of mechanical fingers from the the passenger side and pull the wiring through without pulling anything apart. Mechanical fingers are amazing, if you don't have a set you should get them, but you could get away with a fish-tape or even a wire coat hanger. I think it's much easier than pulling the trim off of the center console.

      For coding, from what I have read if you are 2018+ no one has figured out how to set the footwell lighting up to work off of the infotainment center. The MK7 has a setting that adds footwell brightness to the head unit, but the MK7.5 is different in some way and that setting does not do anything. So if you follow coding done on an "older" car the footwell lights don't work at all. If you have a 2017 or earlier, it will probably work perfectly. If you are 2018+ like I am, there are a few different pieces of coding that get it all to work. I'm actually pretty happy with how my footwell lights work: they come on full brightness when you open the car, then turn off when the headlights are off and turn on when the headlights are on. Plus they dim with the instrument cluster dimmer wheel. While it would be nice to have another point of adjust-ability in the infotainment settings, the way they work for me is actually better than the "constant on" that was my Passat setup. Well worth the $20 and is simple enough I think it should be on everyone's mod list.


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    3. 08-01-2020 11:03 AM #2
      I got the coding figured out completely from this thread:

      For earlier models the second post by IWMTom should work perfectly. For 2018+ go with post five by msmetis, that is what worked for me.

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