So I am big dumb and wrapped a headliner for my GTI just to find out I got the wrong one.

Headliner is for:
*MK4 (Pre side air bags. 99-02?)
*2 door

There is a couple routes we can go if you're interested:

1. You wrap yourself*: $200
2. I wrap for you**: $300 + fabric (Do you want $20 fabric or $200 fabric)
3. If you want the fiber optic lights***: + $60

*If you want to wrap it yourself I will peel off my wrap and give you just the headliner. There won't be a foam backing on it, just the pressed part of the headliner. I will not ship, but I'm willing to meet up w/in 100 miles (anything over I'll need gas $)

**If you want me to wrap it we'll go over what you want and what I can do. If you want minimal/no creases it needs to be a fabric that has stretch. If you don't care about creasing around rounded parts, like the handle pockets, we can do whatever you want. I prefer if we could pick out the fabric together so you can feel and see it in person and I can advise, but its not 100% needed.

***These are the fiber optic lights I got for it. It has a controller and you can change it with Bluetooth on your phone. They are trimmed so they were easier to work with (but still fit the headliner). I won't put in the lights because they are hard to travel with like that. They are stupid easy to do. If we meet up at one of our places I can help you with them if you like.

*260 lights
*It plugs into a 12V/cigarette lighter (I know my GTI has a plug in the back, thats where I was going to route mine.)

If you have any questions please let me know. I tried to make sense best I could!

Pics of the headliner currently (sorry for links, first post). I have my interior light domes on, but they won't come with the headliner.