Hello everyone,

My partner and I recently got a 2007 Rabbit with a door lock switch on the driver side that would not unlock the car and the lock button ´lagged’/ worked if held longer. All the other electric components worked no problem - gas, trunk, windows, side mirrors with no issues. As a side note, the unlock button had a funny faint / almost melted look.

We ordered a door lock switch and changed it ourselves with the help of a YouTube video from 1AAUTOSHOP. COM

Now we found ourselves with a new issue - the driver’s door electric components do not function at all. None of their lights turn on but the other doors do. All the speakers, however, on the driver’s door do function.

Our hunch is that we will now have to replace the door control unit module since it is what connects the electric features, otherwise I can only think that some wiring may be faulty. The speakers working make me think the wiring is not the culprit.

The driver door also did not show on our ODB scanner, but all the other doors did.

We suspect this door was in an accident (did not appear on the Carfax). All the passenger windows had the VW Audi logo and this one had a different one. We’ve read that sometimes accidents to the driver door may lead to a faulty control unit module, which reinforces our thought that this may be the issue.

Has anyone else had any similar issues or have any advice? All ideas are welcome!