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    Thread: Volkswagen Jetta MK VI headliner removal

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      09-12-2020 12:29 PM #1
      Volkswagen Jetta VI headliner
      I searched high and low for some direction on the Jetta headliner board removal. I couldn’t find a video anywhere. I’ve worked in many shops and I used the info that I’ve gained over the years and went at it. The removal process took only 30 min without damaging anything. 1. Remove all the roof handles using a small flat tip and a pair of small needle nose. You can just pry the little clips with the flat tip screw driver and they pop out. 2. The lights pop out except the center light between the two front seats, for that pop the glass out with a flat tip and 2 torx screws hold it in. 3. The visors have the clips like the roof handles holding it on and a torx screw holding the catch On. The catch has a plastic cover over the torx. 4.gently pull the trim molding loose. The rear panel comes down enough to drop the headliner. The headliner has clips in the back holding it up. Easily pry the clips loose not to damage the board. 5. The headliner drops and then lower the seats, the headliner likes to go toward the driver’s side. Turn it towards the drivers rear door and out it comes. I have photos but can’t post them for some reason.

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