At least here in Quebec, we're losing our local racetracks at an alarming pace, in part due to lack of finance and interest, but almost more importantly due to pressures to close from the municipalities. Local residents are the squeaky wheels and every last one of our circuits have had to endure thousands of complaints about noise pollution over their lifespan.

Now in my point of view, these racetracks have been operating for far longer than most of these residents have been alive, which begs the question "why the **** would you move close to a racetrack if you feel so strongly against the noise they inevitably create?" But if we look past that, are there any solutions your local racetracks have used to try and please their locals? Do sound barriers and dense vegetation do reasonable jobs @ dulling the harshness of motorsports? What works in the US at easing the sound complaints? Or are you seeing the same endless back-and-forth between track and squeaky wheel?