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    Thread: Another trailer mishap.

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      09-15-2020 11:13 PM #1
      Some people have friends, and then there are friends. About 15 years ago my wife had quit being a college professor and went back to school, again, for another degree. This time it was in American Sign Language. We actually started off together in an Adult Ed. course and I quickly fell by the wayside. My wife was looking for a refresher course after getting a degree when she met Dot and Gary. Gary learned sigh language so he can communicate with Dot, but she doesn't sign back. Makes my wife and Gary crazy, Dot turned out to be a Besty when my wife was stricken with cancer 10 years ago. Dot was there for us when we needed her. Gary was always willing to help. We've had a long-lasting relationship.

      They set me pictures last week. In a recent storm they got a call that everyone in their summer campground heard the crack and then ran to see this tree firmly planted on their trailer. I've been a trailer go-to guy for a while so they sent me pictures. They thought that the trailer wasn't very badly damaged, but the insurance company totaled it and gave them less than $20,000 as it couldn't be fixed for that. They really wanted to have it fixed, so I advised them to get bids from local repair facilities. I told them it could be salvaged if they got enough money. I advised Dot and Gary they they had the potential of buying the trailer back from the insurance company at salvage cost making our friends responsible for any additional expense. They found a value in keeping the 8 years old trailer.

      I really was totally surprised when they suggested that I do it. I must have secretly wanted them to ask, but I did try and steer them away. They were at my shop and followed Tom's Spartan trailer build on my FB page.

      Fortunately for them, the tree was a hollowed out hulk that did little damage compared to what a live tree or a light pole can do. if this was a live tree it would have cleaved off that side of the trailer and I wouldn't be writing this. We have a meeting of the minds and they are making arrangements to have it brought to me. Gary has agreed to be my socially-distant helper. We're both very careful. I normally work alone, but it will be nice to work with a friend.

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